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“Adios, Audio-Visual”
     Many, many years ago, so many that I hesitate to give an exact count, our house had a James Thurber moment. If you know what that means, please sit back and enjoy your coffee while we bring the rest of the folks up to speed. You others, go get a copy of "The Night The Bed Fell and Other Stories." Here, go ahead and read. We'll wait for you . . . .

     Dad was a social studies teacher at the local middle school. In the early-sixties, he became the Audio-Visual guy, because none of the other teachers wanted the responsibility and because it let him tinker with the equipment while teaching the techie nerds. Who here remembers being allowed to get out of upwards of a half-hour of some horrible math quiz in order to wheel a projector from the gym over to the biology classroom (switching out the "How to Avoid a Nasty Groin-Pull" training film for "Bacteria Are Not Our Friends, So Wash That Beaker!")?


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