December 2016 . . . .

The Blotter Magazine loves you.
     The Blotter Magazine loves you.

     How do you know? It’s there for you, every month, sixteen pages strong, wherever you happen to sit down to relax for a while. Art and poetry, stories and essays and dreams. So, we’re not ones to nag, but it’s time for you to love The Blotter back.

     And we know just how to do it!

     The Blotter Magazine is launching a Patreon site so that you can help us keep going, doing the voodoo we do, and you may feel like a part of something . . . wonderful. Or at least pretty darned good. And unlike your doctor, supervisor, or Mom, we’re not asking for you to do anything complicated, painful, illegal, or gold-plated. Just take a look:, share with your friends, and thoughtfully consider giving.

     And keep on loving us.

     — Marty, Garry, and the Blotter gang.


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