January 2017 . . . .

“Wind: Part 3”
     The Blotter Magazine loves you.

     There is nothing exciting about watching a sailing race. Unless you are a sailor, or some commentator is yammering in your ear about the trigonometry of speed and distance, it is almost impossible to see who is winning or in a better position to win from the cluster of things moving back and forth across the water. When we watch Captains Courageous, who can figure out what Cap’n Disco is thinking when he appears so far behind the fishing boat he’s trying to beat to market. Cut across what? So why doesn’t Freddy Bartholomew ask that question for us? What are shoals and why not go through them? And anyone watching us on this Saturday would have wondered why we bothered. We were so slow. For all their sail, our class of sailboats was pre-global-warming glacially slow.



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