March 2023 . . . .


     Quick definition — Umarell is a bit of regional Italian idiom that refers to men of a certain age who stand around, usually at construction sites, observing the goings-on and occasionally commenting to anyone within hearing what they think about the work’s progress. Giving unsolicited advice. It is a funny sort of a thing because I doubt there are any of us who cannot see in our mind’s eye someone like that. Serious-faced, a grandpa type, hands clasped behind their back, grumbling about the lack of this or that, or too much of something going on. Hard not to smile at such a picture, even more difficult not to see ourselves (yes, you too) in their place at some time. Soon. Maybe now. What I cannot tell in reading the definition of the idiom is if it is tongue-in-cheek or a serious thing. Are the men being made fun of?



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